Preston Run/Stop Cable

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Run/Stop or Camera cables for Preston MDR2, MDR3 and MDR4.

The following connector types are offered for these camera configurations:

  • 3-Pin Fischer R/S: Arri Alexa XT, SXT, Most aftermarket distribution boxes, Panavision DXL, Newer Red DSMC2
  • 7-Pin Lemo EXT: Arri Alexa Mini
  • 4-Pin Hirose: Sony F55, Venice, Panasonic Varicam

Run/Stop cables can be built using our ultra-thin and flexible cable for critical weight savings and where flexibility is a priority, such as for gimbal work. Although excellent for this kind of work, this cable type is not recommended for studio or steadicam usage, as longevity is greatly reduced from these very thin cables.

Power can be combined with certain configurations, particularly with 3-Pin Fischer and 4-Pin Hirose connectors. Combo cables may not work in all configurations, especially if connecting into an aftermarket cage or power distribution box. These distribution boxes (particularly for the Arri Mini) may not be wired to pass along the Run/Stop trigger to the body's EXT port. In this case, a separate EXT cable will be required.

Never power an MDR via a 3-Pin Fischer combo cable connected to a jumper/adapter into the 7-Pin EXT Port on an Arri Mini or Mini LF. The EXT port is not rated for the kind of current needed to power the MDR and drive the motors. You will burn out the internal boards of the Mini!