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Power cable for Preston MDR2, MDR3 and MDR4. Please specify your MDR model. Cables can be configured to run off 24V sources or 12V sources, depending on the connector chosen. When selecting a straight or 90 degree connector, please note that this refers to the connector that plugs into the MDR itself, not the connector that plugs into the camera. The standard length cable that Preston ships is 24". In most cases this is sufficient to reach power ports on the camera.

Steadicam Configuration:

If configuring a cable to power your Preston off your Steadicam sled, your cable will be wired for 12V operation. This is highly recommended, even when the sled operates in 24V mode. Some sleds only offer a 12V port dedicated to the Preston. If you wish to have your steadicam Preston cable wired for 24V, it will not receive power when the sled is set to 12V mode or has less than two batteries mounted. Please get in touch with us for a custom cable order if you wish to wire your cable for 24V operation. Below is a list of recommended steadicam ports to use to power your Preston:

  • GPI Pro CineLive Electronics: Accessory Power, Type 0B.303
  • GPI Pro CinemaHD Electronics: FOCUS Power, Type 0S.304
  • XCS Ultimate 1, Ultimate 2, Ultimate 2HD: FOCUS Power, Type 0S.304
  • MK-V v4 Dual HD J-Box: Accessory Power, Type 1B.303
  • Tiffen M1, Ultra2: Accessory Power, Type 0B.303
  • Tiffen Ultra, Master Series: VID/PWR, Type Hirose 4-Pin

For these forward facing ports, it is recommended that you do not add a cable boot to the cable as the added connector length can cause interference with operating the gimbal. In most cases a cable length of 8" is sufficient to reach the MDR from the front of the top stage, and short enough to reduce cable clutter.