Preston Power Cable

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Power cable compatible with Preston Cinema Systems MDR2, MDR3 and MDR4.


When configuring, please select from the 'Powered From' dropdown first. If you are configuring to power your MDR from a Steadicam, select which Steadicam model you own from this dropdown. The available connectors on your sled will automatically be filtered in the next 'Connector' dropdown. If you wish to change your configuration, you must select 'Choose Options' from either dropdown to remove the filters from your previous choices.


Standard Cable is 4.9mm thick. Ultra-Thin Cable is approximately 2.9mm thick, and extremely flexible. Please only consider this option if the cable is to be used for a gimbal or lightweight application. Ultra-Thin Cable is substantially less durable than Standard Cable.


Please note that due to the orientation of the "keyway" or index marking on the Power port on the MDR3, it is not possible to configure a 90 degree connector with an MDR3 as this would interfere with the Calibrate button below.



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