Betz Wave 1 Power Cable

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Power your Betz Tools Wave 1 horizon leveller from your sled, or directly from a camera if used in studio mode. The connector that plugs into your Wave is by default a 90 degree connector to avoid having the boot stick too far out in the operator's way when mounted on the steadicam.

In most cases when powering the Wave 1 from the front of your sled, a 10" cable is typical. If powering from the back of your sled, you may wish to have a longer cable such as 14" since the 90 degree connector faces forward on the Wave.

Cable Type

We offer two types of cable. The standard cable type used for most cables is the Canare L-2E5 with an outer diameter of 4.6mm. This cable is braided, shielded, and extremely flexible and durable, without being too thick. It is a great durable and economical option for most power cables. Our Ultra-Thin cable type has an outer diameter of 2.9mm and is extremely thin and flexible. It is a great companion cable to our Ultra-Thin BNC cable type. This cable is excellent for weight critical operation, such as for gimbal work, steadicam work, or any application where weight and flexibility are essential. While it is not the most durable cable due to its very thin diameter, with proper care it will last many years.

Please note that some Wave 1's are limited to 12V operation only. Powering a Wave 1 from a 24V source can be catastrophic. Engineered Cinema Solutions assumes no liability for damage to equipment due to sources with incorrect polarity or voltage. All cables are assembled by hand using genuine components and tested.