Steadicam Camera Power Cable

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Our camera power cables are specifically designed for use on steadicam where flexibility and weight are of the highest priority. All cables use the highest possible gauge wiring to ensure minimal voltage drop and feature genuine Lemo and Fischer connectors for the durability that steadicam operators depend on.

Which voltage should I choose?

Virtually all steadicam sleds can operate at 12V or 24V mode output to the camera. Choosing to order a 12V or 24V cable to power certain cameras is a decision that needs to be made carefully. In most cases, operating the sled in 12V mode (provided the sled's design and post cable can handle the extra current from doing so) helps drain batteries evenly and also provides hot-swappability, the ability to change sled batteries without having to power down the camera. It is important to consider that ordering a power cable wired for 24V mode will only work when the sled is in 24V mode, and will not output power when the sled is selected to 12V mode. There are also considerations of where your batteries are placed on certain sleds, as most sleds have a "series" fixed battery plate that must have a battery in order to supply 24V. This can affect your setup and balance. If powering an Alexa XT or SXT in 12V mode, it is important to change the battery warning level in the System menu to a threshold below 12 Volts, otherwise a warning will occur on screen. For some cameras, a 24V mode cable is not possible as these cameras operate from 12V sources only.

Sled Top-Stage Connector Type

For Pro CineLive, XCS and Tiffen sleds, the 2B.303 connector is used for camera power. This large 3-Pin connector is rated to handle an extremely high current load, ideal for digital cameras. On XCS sleds, however, there are two 2B ports, one 2-Pin and one 3-Pin. The 2-Pin port outputs 12V only while the 3-Pin port outputs 12V and 24V, similar to Tiffen and CineLive top stages. When choosing a voltage mode for XCS Power cables, by default the 2-Pin connector will be used for 12V cables, and the 3-Pin connector will be used for 24V cables. If you require otherwise, please get in touch with us for a custom cable.

Engineered Cinema Solutions assumes no liability for damage to equipment due to sources with incorrect polarity or voltage. All cables are assembled by hand using genuine components and tested.