SmallHD DP7 Monitor Power Cable

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Although unfortunately discontinued by SmallHD, many still swear by their DP7 monitors. This cable will power the following monitors:

  • SmallHD DP7 OLED
  • SmallHD DP7 High Bright
  • SmallHD DP7 LCD

Cable Type

We offer two types of cable. The standard cable type used for most cables is the Canare L-2E5 with an outer diameter of 4.6mm. This cable is braided, shielded, and extremely flexible and durable, without being too thick. It is a great durable and economical option for most power cables. Our Ultra-Thin cable type has an outer diameter of 2.9mm and is extremely thin and flexible. It is a great companion cable to our Ultra-Thin BNC cable type. This cable is excellent for weight critical operation, such as for gimbal work, steadicam work, or any application where weight and flexibility are essential. While it is not the most durable cable due to its very thin diameter, with proper care it will last many years.

BNC Combo Cable:

Choosing to combine your power cable with a BNC cable is a great way to reduce cable clutter on the camera or steadicam. The BNC used is genuine Canare brand coaxial cable and connectors rated for 3G HD-SDI monitoring up to 4 feet, the same cable used in our Ultra-Thin BNC cable assemblies. It is the thinnest and most flexible BNC cable we make. We join the two cables together in a single expandable nylon sheath before the final connectors are assembled. This allows us to use the smallest diameter sheathing to minimize overall cable diameter. By default, the BNC length will match the final cable length. The sheathing ends approximately 2-3 inches from the connector ends, allowing the power and BNC connectors to separate by approximately 4-6 inches from each other at the camera end. If you require a longer BNC joined to a shorter power cable, please get in touch with us for a custom assembly.

Please note that all DP7 monitors are powered from 12V sources only. Powering the DP7 from 24V or polarity reversed sources is catastrophic! While DP7 monitors use the common 4-Pin Hirose connector for power, the wiring configuration is different than typical 4-Pin Hirose wiring, and these cables should therefore not be used to power any other devices. Similarly, other 4-Pin Hirose cables should not be used to power your DP7. Engineered Cinema Solutions assumes no liability for damage to equipment due to sources with incorrect polarity or voltage. All cables are assembled by hand using genuine components and tested.