Preston MDR3 Cable Upgrade

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The Preston MDR3 and MDR4 use different power and run/stop cables than the MDR2. If you have recently purchased an MDR3 or MDR4 and are getting rid of your MDR2, don't sell all those cables yet! We can take existing cables and upgrade them to new connectors that will work with the MDR3 or MDR4. Not all cables can be converted, and conversion is available on a case-by-case basis, starting from $90 for power cables and $150 for run/stop cables. That's a $100 savings compared to purchasing a brand new cable! We can also add personalized heat-shrink name labels to your cables at the time of conversion. No more sticky gummy tape labels or suspiciously missing cables!

Get in touch with us to let us know which cables you would like converted and we will provide you with a quote.

Please note that in most cases, converting an MDR2 cable to an MDR3 cable will result in a slight shortening of the cable, usually about an inch or two.