Preston Light Ranger 2 VOU Cheese Plate

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This cheese plate made by FilmFrog Media is intended to allow you to mount your Light Ranger 2 Video Overlay Unit (VOU) virtually anywhere. Kar Wai Ng is a Toronto based 1st AC who designs and manufactures cheese plates for Preston MDR units and smart camera accessories that have become very popular due to their simple and smart designs. This VOU cheeseplate was designed in Canada in collaboration with Engineered Cinema Solutions.

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This is a lightweight anodized aluminum cheeseplate designed to mount a Preston Light Ranger 2 VOU (Video Overlay Unit) using the Cinelock quick release system from 16x9 (not included.) Similar to the MDR Cheeseplate, the VOU Cheeseplate also has fully-threaded 1/4-20 holes for other mounts such as Manfrotto plates, NATO rail, rod clamps, etc.

Your grey Cinelock quick release shoe is mounted to the cheeseplate with two included 1/4-20 flat camera screws. There are a multitude of mounting orientations for the Cinelock shoe, allowing you to offset and orient your VOU exactly the way you need. 

The VOU Cheeseplate includes 2 flat 1/4-20 camera screws, a reducer bushing, and 4 Phillips screws to mount the cheeseplate to your VOU.