Arri Alexa Mini Breakout Steadicam Power/Accessory Cable

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Sled Power Connector required
Camera Voltage Mode required
Main Power Cable Length required
Accessory 1 Cable Length required
Accessory 2 Cable Length required

This combination power and accessory cable was designed to eliminate the need for a power distribution box being mounted on an Alexa Mini. Typically the camera requires a focus aid (CineTape, Sniper, etc), and an HD Transmitter onboard, both of which require power. Since the Alexa Mini has no built-in accessory power ports, a D-Box or Tilta box is employed and a common complaint from Steadicam operators is that this added weight negates the benefits of flying a lightweight camera such as the Mini.

Our breakout power/accessory cable uses genuine Lemo components and uses the brass shell of the Alexa Mini power connector to enclose the junctions required to split off two accessory cables. This means that the only power cable that needs to go to your sled is the main power cable. All other accessory cables travel from the accessories to the camera power connector, not to the sled. Perfect for building with a Betz Wave 1 where the goal is to reduce the amount of cabling between the camera and the sled.

This cable is highly configurable and each one is built to order. Please refer to the build diagram above to select your options. The main power cable length is the length of the single cable that runs from the sled to your Mini camera body. From there, Accessory 1 and Accessory 2 can be configured by connector type, as well as cable length, respectively.

Voltage Mode:

This voltage mode refers to the camera operating voltage mode. Choose to operate the Alexa Mini under 12V or 24V power, based on what your sled can supply. Note that all accessories, regardless of voltage mode, will be wired for 12V operation. All the supported accessories will function properly in 12V mode. If using accessories not supported by ECS, please ensure that the polarity matches and that the accessory will operate with 12V supplied.

Please note that this cable is not available or compatible with MK-V sleds or Pro CinemaHD (previous generation) electronics. This is due to the smaller camera power connector size being unable to accommodate the thicker gauge cable required.